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Telemedicine now available at Palmas del Mar

Dear Palmas del Mar Resident:
For some time now Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) has been exploring becoming a facilitator to make telemedical services available to the community of Palmas del Mar. Telemedicine has become a major source of medical services to people in the USA and around the world, particularly, in the midst of the Corona Virus crisis when nearly all normal medical services are not readily available. Also, telemedicine is widely used by travelers and its cost is relatively cheap. It Is a medical consulting service that connects a subscriber to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
PHA is proud to announce that, through a collaborative effort with the telemedicine company HeathPerx, is now able to provide information to the community about these services through a PHA web-page information platform specifically designed for this purpose. We invite you to open the PHA informative web-page https://pha.healthperx.com/ to become familiar with this service and how to subscribe if so desired.
Again, click here https://pha.healthperx.com/ and explore this exclusive offer for the Palmas del Mar community and the PHA membership. PHA is not in anyway associated with the services being provided through this offer nor it receives any benefits. PHA is acting solely as a facilitator to bring awareness about these services for the benefit of the Palmas del Mar community.
Antonio Maldonado
Executive Director
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association