February 12, 2019

For the cinematography industry Palmas del Mar has become one of the favorite places in Puerto Rico to realize film projects. PHA welcomes these projects as
one of great importance for our community. In 2018 a significant number of movies, musical videos and commercials were produced at Palmas del Mar. These projects often take place in private properties, commercial establishments or in common areas or PHA amenities. However, regardless of the film location
within Palmas del Mar, all these projects must follow an approved PHA protocol to insure compliance with the rules and regulations that govern the community of
Palmas del Mar as well as the protection of privacy and trademarks. The first step in that protocol is to stop by PHA to discuss the complexity or details of the
project, obtain the PHA guidance and rules for these projects and secure the PHA location permit to carry out the project. PHA project permit requirements will depend upon the complexity of the project and may include:

1. Compliance with PHA Special Events Policy and Guidance.
2. PHA Contract and Permit
3. Security Deposit of $5,000 in case of damage to common property. Money is
returned at the conclusion of the project if there is no damage to the PHA
4. Public liability insurance for $1 million reflecting PHA as co-insured.
5. Logistics plan.
6. Security plan.
7. Letter of approval or contract in case of private or commercial property
locations. If property is within a regime, the regime administration must provide a
letter of approval.

For more information please contact PHA at 787-285-6425.

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