The Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) cards are used to get automatic access into Palmas. The system is available to residents/owners, Palmas Athletic Club members, Commercial Establishment owners and Long Term Renters.  The AVI card has a number that will be used to register your vehicle(s) in the Access Control computer system. It is affixed horizontally to the windshield on the driver’s side so it can be read by the AVI antennas at the entrance or exit gates.

AVI cards are required to use the fly-by exclusive lanes.  When using this system you should slow down or stop to insure the system reads your card.  Allow one car space between you and the car in front.  Gates close automatically after each car passes.  If your neighborhood has a gate, the AVI card may be activated to open your neighborhood gate as long as it is compatible with the main gate system.

The use of AVI passes to access Palmas del Mar is a PHA privilege given to Palmas Resident’s and Homeowner’s in good standing. AVI cards are affixed to vehicles by PHA personnel upon registration of the vehicle at PHA. The removal or transfer of the AVI to another vehicle or to another person is strictly prohibited. Violations of this restriction will result in the deactivation with the suspension of privileges as a result of losing good standing status before PHA.  Good standing status may be lost for non-compliance or violation of PHA Covenants, Palmas rules and regulations or for falling in arrears in the payment of PHA assessments.

To purchase an AVI card you must bring your vehicle’s registration, your driver’s license and your vehicle.  The cost of an AVI card is $35 dollars.