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Only drivers who are 16 years or older with a valid identification/proof of age will be allowed to operate a golf cart within Palmas del Mar. Drivers must carry her/his I.D. / proof of age with them at all times.

The following golf cart violations will be charged $60 for first violations, and $120 for subsequent violations. If the cart or driver is involved in any violation, the Security Department has the owner’s authority to stop the driver and, if necessary, detain the cart. The owner must retrieve the cart at the designated security area and pay the fine. All fines must be paid in full or they will be placed in the homeowners assessment account.

· More than the maximum number of persons in the golf cart. (2 in golf cart with seat only in front) 4 in golf cart with a seat in the front and back)

· Lights not working. (4 lights: 2 in front and 2 in back)

· Reckless driving, speed must not be excessive.

· Gas carts without a working muffler.

· No PDM homeowner’s I.D. sticker on each side of the cart. Expired Stickers will be charged with a $60.00 Fine.

· Driving on golf course or golf course paths. (Carts may be driven on designated paths only)

· Parking in place other than designated cart parking.

· Not stopping at stop sign.

· Not using signals to turn.

· Not driving in correct lane.

· Driving in public roads in violation of Public Law 141 where cart-paths are available.

· Driving cart on beach turtle nesting areas.

· Driving with an infant or a child on the lap

· Towing (i.e. in-line skaters, etc.)


Suggestion to golf users:

1. Since cart keys can be easily substituted, and the high number of carts reported stolen or appropriated by minors for fun and games we recommend that your cart be secured with a padlock at all times when not in use.

2. Infants and young children should be secured in car seat when in golf cart.