To promote the health, safety, welfare, and interests of property owners, residents and visitors of Palmas del Mar and to preserve and enhance property values and the quality of life within the community.

To stimulate the growth of a vibrant residential community with exclusive and attractive common areas and facilities.

To maintain Palmas del Mar outstanding architectural theme, preserve and enhance Palmas del Mar’s atmosphere of casual elegance, active relaxation and environmental sensitivity.

To sustain a strong and effective homeowners’ association to protect investments, assure quality and service, and maximize long-term enjoyment of Palmas del Mar’s location, activities and facilities.

To foster a spirit of cohesiveness, collaboration and service among homeowners that will lead to a more extensive and active participation in the daily affairs and governance of the community.

To provide for the enforcement of community-wide standards that will make Palmas a safe and secure place for everyone to enjoy.